Allow owners to manage distribution lists

I am currently working on an Exchange 2010 project, the mail system has already been built up for couple weeks. And it works perfectly so far. In next days, I will write up some tips that I have learned.

I would like to start with this one – how to allow the owners to manage the distribution lists by themselves.

If I remember correctly, in the old version I just need to add the owner in the ‘Managed by’ section in the distribution list propertiy. However, there is an extra settings needs to be configured in Exchange 2010.

1) Open EMC,  go to ‘Toolbox’ then click ‘Role Based Access Control (RBAC) User Editor’ to open the web based editor.

2) Click ‘Roles & Auditing’ in the left pane, then click ‘User roles’.

3) Double click ‘Default Role Assignment Policy’, and check the ‘MyDistributionGroups’ in the opened dialog box.


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