Automate VPN failover via TGW attachment

Continue with my previous post Automate VPN connection and its TGW attachment, in this post I would like to share the solution for VPN failover via TGW attachment.

The key components in the solution are:

  • Network Manager for Transit Gateway
  • EventBridge
  • Lambda

The basic idea is:

  1. Register TGW to Network Manager, as Network Manager can monitor the tunnel status change of the VPN that are attached to the TGW. (Network Manager is a global service but only can be configured us-west-2 region).
  2. Setup EventBridge rules to catch the events (VPN-CONNECTION-IPSEC-UP, VPN-CONNECTION-IPSEC-DOWN) that are triggered by Network Manager. And send the events to a Lambda function.
  3. The Lambda function updates route entry in the TGW route table to use the alternative VPN connection as the destination.

In my example, I have two VPN connections: Primary and Failover. They are connected to different PoPs of a SaaS proxy platform. All VPCs send the Internet traffics to the SaaS proxy via the primary VPN TGW attachment (e.g static route: -> primary vpn tgw attachment). When both tunnels within the primary vpn are down, the Lambda function will automatically failover to the failover vpn by updating the static route (e.g. -> failover vpn tgw attachment). Later on, when both tunnels in the primary vpn come back up, the Lambda will fail it back the primary vpn.

My example is forked from NetSkope AWS-TGW-IPsec-Automation. I added a couple improvement and raised a PR already.


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