User Directory Setting Trick in Confluence and Jira

You may see this message “You cannot edit this directory because you are logged in through it, please log in as a locally authenticating user to edit it.” when you try to edit the directory settings in Confluence or Jira.

I just found out there is a trick to get around this, right click the ‘Test’ and choose ‘Copy Link Address’. 

Paste the address into Browser, and replace ‘troubleshoot’ with ‘edit‘. Then go, you should be able to see the edit page now.



2 thoughts on “User Directory Setting Trick in Confluence and Jira

  1. Hi, Jackie
    Super cool trick – been looking for this quite long time, thanks.
    I needed to force full synchronization instead of incremental and this worked.
    But, when I returned “enable incremental synchronization” back it looks like enabled, but still do full sync every time. Any thoughts about that?

  2. And looks, I’ve found what was the problem: you need to re-login to jira to make this work 🙂
    Thanks once more

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