Enterprise releases for Jira Software and Confluence

Atlassian announced Enterprise release for Jira and Confluence early this year. What does it mean to you? In my opion, if stability is the number one priority for you (not more features), then you should always go for the current enterprise release when you plan to upgrade your Jira and Confluence.

What’s unique about an Enterprise release?

Enterprise releases will receive additional support and documentation from the Atlassian team, to make the process of upgrading easier. For each Enterprise release, we will include:

  • Back-ported security bugs as defined in our security bug fix policy.
  • Any bugs that we deem critical and that we would normally fix in the next bug fix release of the product. These will generally be issues relating to stability, data integrity, or critical performance issues with a specific focus on regressions where core product functionality breaks.
  • A combined change log from the last Enterprise release of the product so you can more easily understand what new capabilities have been introduced.
  • Scale and performance benchmarks relative to the prior Enterprise release of the product.

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