What is kube-aws?

Have you read my previous post Install Kubernetes on AWS with kops? If yes, then kube-aws is an alternative to kops. If you have not, then kube-aws is an open source tool that simplifies the installation of Kubernetes on AWS.

I have not tried kube-aws yet, but I will when I need to build another k8s cluster on AWS. By a quick look at the features of kube-aws, I think kops already covers most of them except Spot Fleet. kops currently supports spot instance but not spot fleet if I am not wrong.

  • Create, update and destroy Kubernetes clusters on AWS
  • Highly available and scalable Kubernetes clusters backed by multi-AZ deployment and Node Pools
  • Deployment to an existing VPC
  • Powered by various AWS services including CloudFormation, KMS, Auto Scaling, Spot Fleet, EC2, ELB, S3, etc.





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