Nametype in TSM ‘Delete File’ command

Sometimes when deleting a node’s file spaces in the TSM, you may see the error ANS8001I Return code 11. This means the specified file spaces can not be found for the node, even you are 100% sure there is no any typos.

This is caused the name type of file spaces. You have to choose the right name type for the file space. The default name type is SERVER (uses server’s code page to interpret the file space name).

In my example, my TSM 6.4 is installed on a Windows 2008 R2 box, the node FS-01 is a Windows 2012 R2 server. When I try to delete the file space while leaving every parameter as the default ones, the TSM find not find it.

tsm: TSMSANDBOX>del file FS-01 \\FS-01\e$\ 

ANR0852E DELETE FILESPACE: No matching file spaces found for node FS-01.
ANS8001I Return code 11.

But if I append the ‘nametype=unicode’ to the end of the command, it can run successfully.

tsm: TSMSANDBOX>del file FS-01 \\FS-01\e$ namet=unicode
ANR2238W This command will result in the deletion of all inventory references
to the data on filespaces that match the pattern \\FS-01\e$ (fsId=1)
for node FS-01, whereby rendering the data unrecoverable.

Do you wish to proceed? (Yes (Y)/No (N)) Y

The other way is to use the FSID to specify the file space that you want to delete. You can find out the ‘FSID’ and ‘Is Files Unicode’ info in the ‘query filespace’ command:

tsm: TSMSANDBOX>q file FS-01

Node Name FilespaceName FSID Platform FilespaceType Is Files Unicode? Capacity PctUtil
————— ———– —- ——– ——— ——— ———– —–
FS-01             \\fs-01\f$             1     WinNT      NTFS                  Yes                  399 GB  66.0


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