svcmon web gui

If you have ever used svcmon that you should find that it is not convenient to check the report. Basically, you have to go to the folder to view the graph one by one. What if you want to view the history graphs of same vidsk or mdisk? It should be easy to present on the same page.

So I wrote up a web gui to achieve that. I have not fully completed it yet, e.g I am going to add a calendar component to allow the viewer to choose the time range. The current version allows you to view the history graphs in the same page. It looks like this:



The logic is pretty straight: The user submits the vdisk/ mdisk name and choose the performance type, then the process_report.cgi script will call the find_target bash script to find the related graphs and generate a result.html page then present it to the user.


To set up the environment, you need to:

1) Create a symbolic link from /svcmon/report to /var/www/html/svcmon
2) Add a virtual directory to http.conf pointing to /var/www/html/svcmon, give it an alias name ‘svcmon’
3) Wrote a script to collect the svc performance daily, and generate the reports then put them in the folder /svcmon/report/`date +%Y-%m-%d`
4) Copy the process_report.cgi to the cgi folder
5) Copy the search.html and find_target into /var/www/html/svcmon
6) Add search.html as landing page

The source codes can be downloaded here:



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