VForum 2013

I attended vForum 2013 couple days ago. To me, here are the three major notable things:

  • VMware vSphere 5.5: It introduces many new features and enhancements to extend the core capability of the vSphere platform. e.g. hardware version 10, vmdk size limit is up to 62TB, support Microsoft cluster on Windows 2012. More


  • VMware VSAN: VSAN stands for Virtual SAN, still in beta version. I believe it is the next big thing that’s coming. It is a software-defined storage solution which creates a resilient shared storage by pooling DAS, server disks and flash. More


  • VMware NSX: NSX is a software-defined network solution. It contains a full stack of networking technologies – Switching, Routing, Firewall, Load balancing and VPN. Additionally, it allows to snapshot the networks, restore the deleted networks. More



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