Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration Training Day 5 Notes

Module 11: Configuring Self-Service Applications

  • Citrix Receiver
    – For Windows applications, users can only receive self-service applications when the self-service plugin is also deployed.


  • Citrix Merchandising Server
    – Citrix receiver updater keeps the version updated since the first deployment


  • Citrix Plug-ins
    – Citrix receiver/ self-service plugin/ offline plugin/ App-V client/ secure access plugin/ profile management plugin/ service monitoring plugin/ acceleration plugin/ single sign on plugin
    – Delivery method
    – Java client requires 32bit JRE


Module 12: Configuring Printing

  • Printing concepts
    – printer types: local, network and redirected client
    – security


  • Default printing behavior
    – user local printers are created automatically when session begins > printing jobs queued to locally defined printer –> printing jobs queued to network printers directly –> XenApp server retains user’s printer settings or save it to user’s profile if fails–> XenApp tries native printer driver or universal printer driver if fails.
    – Use policy to alter default printing behavior


  • Printer provisioning
    – Auto-creation/ Network printer provisioning
    – Synchronous vs. Asynchronous printer creation when publishing an application


  • Printing Pathways
    – Network printing pathway is ideal for fast local networks (default)/ Client printing pathway is ideal for WAN


  • Printer Drivers
    – Types: Native/ OEM/ Universal
    – Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers is enabled by default, and can result in the installation of a large number of native drivers in the environment.


  • Citrix Universal Printing
    – EMF-based/ XPS-based/ Universal printer with universal driver
    – Policy settings


  • Administrator-Assigned Network Printers
    – Session printer policy


  • Workspace control and proximity printing
    – Proximity printing is enabled through the session printer policy rule in GPMC or IMA policy


  • Printing preferences
    – The settings can be saved to XenApp server/ User device/ the document
    – Retention policy


  • Printing bandwidth


Module 13: Securing XenApp

  • XenApp Security Solutions
    – SecureICA/ SSL Relay/ Citrix Access Gateway (SSL VPN appliance)


  • Access Gateway
    – WI generates ICA file that includes STA
    – Access gateway validates the STA (Secure Ticket Authority) ticket
    – If CAG authentication is enabled, both CAG and WI are responsible for authenticating users
    – SSO to WI
    – SmartAccess: EPA scan and SSL certificate check


  • WI configuration
    – Access method: gateway direct/ gateway alternate (AltAddr must be run on each server)/ gateway translated


Module 14: Monitoring

  • Health Monitoring and recovery
    – implemented as Citrix policy


  • Service Monitoring for XenApp
    – EdgeSight monitors license usage, server/ published application performance and availability, end user experience
    – EdgeSight server/agent


  • Workflow Studio


Module 15: Additional Components

  • Additional components
    – SmartAuditor
    – Single sign-on
    – Brach optimization
    – Provisioning services
    – Power and capacity management
    – XenServer

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      1. Jackie just a question
        In the diagram you have the ima service with printing dll, network dll lb dll and xml dll you want explain tht part plz

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