vCO: Virtual Machine Backup/Archive Workflow

The purpose of having this workflow is to allow the user to backup or archive the virtual machine by themselves. In my example, I use TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) as the backup/archive solution.


This is a really simple workflow. The key step is to run TSM Virtual Machine backup from command line then send the archive result to requester. I have posted some articles on how to set up the TSM for VMware previously.

Create the following batch file in the TSM for VE proxy server which is also a VM.


ECHO From: Service-VCO > C:\Scripts\VM_Archive_log.txt
ECHO To: %2 >> C:\Scripts\VM_Archive_log.txt
ECHO Subject: %1 Archive Results >> C:\Scripts\VM_Archive_log.txt

CD “C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient” && dsmc.exe backup vm %1 -vmfulltype=vstor -vmbackuptype=fullvm -asnodename=MYLAB_DC1 -vmmc=1YearArchive -vmprocessvmwithprdm=yes -MODE=FULL -optfile=MYLAB_DC1_DM1.opt >> C:\Scripts\VM_Archive_log.txt

ECHO. >> C:\Scripts\VM_Archive_log.txt
C:\Scripts\sendmail.exe -t < C:\Scripts\VM_Archive_log.txt

This is how it looks like:





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