Remove TSM for VE Plugin in vCenter

Generally, the ‘Tivoli Data Protection for VMware’ plugin should be removed from vCenter automatically after you uninstalled the ‘TSM for VE’ on the vStorage Backup Server. But sometimes, the plugin still shows in the Plug-in manager in the vCenter. If it happens, you have to manually unregister the plugin.

In my example, I have two ‘Tivoli Data Protection for VMware’ showing in my vCenter plug-in manager.


To manually fix it:

1) Login into  https://vCenter-Server/mob

2) Click ‘content’.


3) Click ‘ExtensionManager


4) Copy the extension list that you want to remove. In my case, I am going to remove the plugin installed by the TSM-04. Then click ‘UnregisterExtension’.


5) Paste the text you just copied in the previous step. Then click ‘Invoke Method


6) Go back to previous page to confirm the extension has gone.


7) Restart the vSphere client to check.



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