TSM 6.3: Backup and Restore Exchange Part 2

Automate the Exchange backup jobs: Creating Weekly Exchange Full Backup and Daily Exchange Incremental Backup.

1) Login into the TSM_Exchange server, and create the following two files.

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\excfull.cmd


set exc_dir=”C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange”
cd /d %exc_dir%

rem ==================================================================
echo Current date is: >> excfull.log
date /t < NUL >> excfull.log
echo Current time is: >> excfull.log
time /t < NUL >> excfull.log

rem ==================================================================
tdpexcc backup * full /tsmoptfile=dsm.opt /CONFIGfile=tdpexc.cfg /logfile=excsch.log >> excfull.log

echo ——————— >> excfull.log
echo Return code was %RC%  >> excfull.log
echo ===================== >> excfull.log
exit %RC%

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\excincr.cmd


set exc_dir=”C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange”
cd /d %exc_dir%

rem ==================================================================
echo Current date is: >> excincr.log
date /t < NUL >> excincr.log
echo Current time is: >> excincr.log
time /t < NUL >> excincr.log

rem ==================================================================
tdpexcc backup * incr /tsmoptfile=dsm.opt /CONFIGfile=tdpexc.cfg /logfile=excsch.log >>


echo ——————— >> excincr.log
echo Return code was %RC%  >> excincr.log
echo ===================== >> excincr.log
exit %RC%

Double click the .cmd file to run the script, and check the log file to ensure it works properly.

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\excsch.log


2) Configure the TSM option file

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\dsm.opt

NODename TSM_Exchange_DP
PASSWORDAccess generate
TCPServeraddress TSM_Sandbox
TCPPort 1500
HTTPport 1581

3) Configure the tdpexc configuration file

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\tdpexc.cfg

LOCALDSMAgentnode TSM_Exchange
LASTPRUNEDate     08/09/2012 11:28:14
TEMPDBRESTorepath C:\temp_db_restore
TEMPLOGRESTorepath C:\temp_log_restore
MAILBOXRestoreunread  Yes

4) Login into TSM_Sandbox to create the schedule for the Weekly Full Backup.

def sched Exchange Weekly_Full desc=”Exchange Weekly Full Backup” action=command objects=”’C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\excfull.cmd’” priority=2 starttime=20:00:00 duration=15 duru=minutes period=1 perunits=week dayofweek=Friday


Associate the TSM_Exchange_DP node with this schedule: define association Exchange Weekly_Full TSM_Exchange_DP


Confirm the job is in the future event


5) Same way to define the Daily Incremental Backup

def sched Exchange Daily_Incr desc=”Exchange Weekly Full Backup” action=command objects=”’C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\excincr.cmd’” priority=2 starttime=20:00:00 duration=15 duru=minutes period=1 perunits=day dayofweek=any

define association Exchange Daily_Incr TSM_Exchange_DP


6) Make sure the TSM CAD (Client Acceptor Daemon) service is started.


13 thoughts on “TSM 6.3: Backup and Restore Exchange Part 2

  1. Great article !!!!
    Do you have any article for backing up hyper-v virtual machines with TSM ?? that would be awesome. Keep rocking !!!


    1. Thanks, mate. I have been writing one for backing up VMware virtual machine with TSM in the past a few days. Not sure when I can start the one on Hyper-V, but will it in my to do list.

  2. really good article jackie….need some help in setting up TDP for exchange in 2 node environment where exchange DB spread across multiple machine ..

    is need to have 2 different TDP exchange nodename in both machine or we can maintain same tdp exchange node name in both machine..
    Exchange 2010
    2 physical box
    Node 1 – EXCDB1(ACTIVE) Node 2 – EXCDB1(ACTIVE)
    EXCDB2(Passive) – EXCDB2(Passive)
    tdpexc1 tdpexc2
    concern is if we maintain 2 different TDP exchange nodename ,how backup of EXCDB2 happens through Node 1 will be usefull for restoring Same EXCDB2 in second node Node 2 incase Exchange DB and Node 1 got crashed(because backup pieces of EXCDB2 will be located in (tdpexc1\EXCDB2)…

    if we try to restore it from NODE2,it will always looks for backup piece under tdpec1 filespace environment only..

    whether we need to maintain same tdpexchange node name for both node..

    please correct if am wrong..it would be much helpful if sharing your suggestion

  3. small correction..

    Actual environment

    Exchange 2010
    2 physical box
    Node 1 – EXCDB1(ACTIVE) Node 2 – EXCDB1(Passive)
    EXCDB2(Passive) – EXCDB2(ACTIVE)
    tdpexc1 tdpexc2

    1. I assume you are running Exchange cluster. Here are some fundamentals of using TSM to backup Exchange cluster:

      Data Protection for Exchange must be installed on all nodes of the cluster. In addition, when installing Data Protection for Exchange, it must be installed on a disk local to each node (not a shared cluster disk). Use identical configurations in the Tivoli Storage Manager options file when configuring Data Protection for Exchange on each node of the cluster. You must specify ‘clusternode yes’ in the Data Protection for Exchange options file. When using the Tivoli Storage Manager scheduler for automating backups, you must install the scheduler service on all nodes of the cluster to enable failover support. The Tivoli Storage Manager server treats backups as coming from a single server (the virtual Exchange server) regardless of the cluster node on which the backup was performed. When running in an MSCS or VCS environment, Data Protection for Exchange must be invoked from the command line with the ‘/excserver’ parameter. For
      example, if the Exchange virtual server name on the Microsoft Cluster or VCS is ‘excvs1’, the GUI invocation is ‘tdpexc /excserver=excvs1’.

  4. Great stuff! Have you had to restore Exchange 2010 SP2 to an alternate server than what the backup was taken from?

    1. Do you mean restoring a data (e.g mailbox) or the whole mail server? No matter which one you are asking, they both can be restored to an alternate server.

      1. Good Doc..But for an Exchange 2010 environment with different policy requirement like Hourly INC/daily full /weekly full/Monthly full think you may have to create multiple configuration files(copies of tdpexc.cfg file) and specify the same along with tdpexcc on the backup command script

  5. Hi

    everything works for me , but i can find ressource about scheduling , for this moment i schedule exch01 and exch02 with prowy authorisation for virtual node exch0a but it tries to backup both node in the same time
    I can not find information on how to manage backup properly with a cluster

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