VMware View 5 Performance Tuning

Just finished this morning’s VMware View 5 bootcamp, and I decide to write down my notes here before I forget. Today’s topic is about tuning the VMware View performance.

There are three parts involved: Network environment tuning, VM Image tuning and PCoIP tuning. It is not necessary to tune them all, e.g. if you have a very healthy network environment, you don’t have to tune the PCoIP. But if you have to tune PCoIP, please be very careful. As if you tune it wrong, it may dramatically decrease the performance.

Network environment optimization

– QoS (make PCoIP below VOIP above TCP/IP)
– Avoid SSL based VPN solutions, use IPSEC, L2TP
– Allow PCoIP to bypass the WAN acceleration device
– Allow PCoIP to bypass IPS/IDS device
– Fixed bandwidth is preferred over ‘burstable’ circuits
– Utilize WRED for congestion avoidance
– Avoid user cases where round robin latency greater than 300 ms
– Do not use per-packet load balancing, and enable session ‘stickness’

Windows VM image optimization

– Disable hibernate
– Disable background indexing
– Disable the screen saver
– Remove wall paper and audio (like Windows startup & shutdown sounds)
– Turn off VMware debug logging in registry
– Maintenance window for scheduled virus scan and signature updates

Tuning PCoIP

– Network parameters: PCoIP maximum session bandwidth (by default 1,000,000 Kbps), PCoIP session bandwidth floor (by default 0 Kbps), MTU (by default 1,300 bytes)
– Image quality: minimum quality (by default 50%), maximum initial session quality (by default 90%, recommended 60 ~ 70%), maximum frame rate (by default 30 fps, recommended is 20 ~ 24 fps)
– Audio: disable audio in PCoIP session, audio bandwidth limit (by default 500 Kbps)


See more: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/view/VMware-View-5-PCoIP-Network-Optimization-Guide.pdf


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