Diagram as Code Example

I came cross a nice Diagram as Code tool, it allows me to draw Cloud system architecture in Python code. To use it, you need to install Graphviz and diagrams python module. brew install graphviz pip install diagrams Here is a sample code of using the tool to create the diagram of AWS transit gateway … Continue reading Diagram as Code Example


Concierge – AWS CloudFormation Compliance Check Tool (using CloudConformity API)

Here we Go - my first side project (Concierge) that is written in Go šŸ˜… . It is a AWS CloudFormation compliance check tool which uses  CloudConformity API to evaluate the CloudFormation stack compliance status. The compiled binaries can run on Windows/Linux/MacOs, so it can be easily integrated into any CICD pipeline to improve the … Continue reading Concierge – AWS CloudFormation Compliance Check Tool (using CloudConformity API)


TJS-AJV is a handy tool that usesĀ TJSĀ to generate json schema from typescript interface, and usesĀ AJVĀ to validate a config file against the json schema. How to use TJS-AJV? Define your Interface file which will be used to dynamically generate the json schema. For example, theĀ sample-schema.jsonĀ schema file is generated from the typescript InterfaceĀ sample-interface.tsĀ by tjs-ajv.Define your config file, … Continue reading TJS-AJV