CodePipeline Output artifact format – Full clone

Something that I learned Today - I was working a CodePipeline pipeline which gets the source codes from a CodeStar connection that was built to a Bitbucket Cloud workspace. And in the following stage, I needed to get the git commit history of that repository. As shown below CodePipeline does not keep the git metadata … Continue reading CodePipeline Output artifact format – Full clone


Serverless Ingress Solution on AWS

Below is the typical ingress solution for many organizations' AWS workloads. The data flow is: Users -> CDN (e.g Akamai,Cloudflare) -> Ingress internet-facing ALB -> Ingress ASG (e.g Nginx, HAProxy) -> TGW -> Workload internal ALB -> Workload applications (ASG or K8S services). As you can see, the improvements are the adoptions of some Cloud … Continue reading Serverless Ingress Solution on AWS