Image & Restore Citrix Thin Client

If you are trying to image and restore the Citrix Thin Client that I mentioned in my previous post – DIY Citrix Receiver Thin Client . There is a little trick you need to play:

1) Boot from the tiny core installation CD.

2) Format the disk manually:

fdisk /dev/sda
then enter the following input :

<first cylinder, ENTER>
<last cylinder, ENTER>

mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1
sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1

3) Create the boot loader:

mkdir /mnt/sda1/boot
mkdir /mnt/sda1/boot/extlinux
extlinux –install /mnt/sda1/boot/extlinux/
cd /mnt/sda1/boot/extlinux

vi extlinux.conf then type the following lines.
LABEL core
KERNEL vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=core.gz quiet  desktop=flwm_topside

cp /mnt/sr0/boot/core.gz .
cp /mnt/sr0/boot/vmlinuz .

4) Install the Master Boot Recorder:
cat /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin > /dev/sda

5) Follow the installation instruction DIY Citrix Receiver Thin Client. Uncheck ‘Install boot loader’ when installing the tiny core (very important).

After the reboot, you should be able to use the Image tools (ghost, PING, G4L …) to generate the image. Have fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “Image & Restore Citrix Thin Client

  1. I was able to execute until the installation of MBR. However when i try the navigate to the mbr.bin path, it says the directory doesn’t exist.

    1. I managed to get past this, however I’m now stuck while installing TC. Whenever I select a partition to install it says the partition is being used. Linux newbie here. :/

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